How to Hypnotize Someone Instantly?

There are believers and non-believers when the discussion turns to hypnotism. Those who believe and practice hypnosis emphasize that hypnosis is real, without a doubt. Some continue to argue that it’s all trickery. The jury still seems to be debating on this. Whatever your belief, you may find the following information interesting.

Should I Try It?

We’ll leave it up to you to answer this question. The following information is not intended as a recommendation. It is not provided with a guarantee of safety or even that it will work. With this article we’re simply trying to present the best information we can find about hypnosis and hypnotizing someone quickly.

Much of the information on hypnosis today puts an emphasis on getting rid of some of some of the old ideas about hypnosis, such as the length of time it takes to “put someone under.” In fact, say some practitioners, it’s possible to hypnotize someone in a matter of seconds or maybe a minute. One self-styled expert writes that automatic behavior, such as responding to a handshake, is a form of hypnosis. We don’t think about what we’re doing so we are acting unconsciously. In the second or so that this automatic action is taking place, it may be possible to suggest something that will create further subconscious action.

Something More Complex

In a slightly more involved process you may be able to hypnotize someone simply by sitting across from someone, touching hands (palm to palm) and asking the person to look into your eyes without looking away. The suggestions start with telling them to put pressure on your hand. While continuing this pressure, you can suggest an action or way of acting, such as the standard “feeling tired and drowsy, going to sleep.”

The final step supposedly involves taking your hand away very quickly at the precise moment you say “sleep.” This supposedly is the same moment that was mentioned in the handshake example. [Some of this information is from a writer/practitioner known online as QQQ01014].

How Does it Work?

Almost every set of guidelines for hypnosis divides the methods into two basic categories: permission and non-permission (also called covert). The first method uses the voice at a certain level of loudness that is soothing and calming. This is combined with other techniques, such as the traditional swinging watch or other slowly moving object. Those who use this for therapy practice with the knowledge that the person being hypnotized and the practitioner can and should terminate the session when the “patient” wishes it to end.

Covert hypnosis is a bit different. This involves getting the subject to do something you want them to do, without them being aware of it. There is still some debate as to whether non-permission hypnosis can actually work. Many people believe that a person can only be hypnotized if they allow it to happen.

The subject of hypnosis has covered hundreds of pages. Before using it, be sure to learn as much as you can about the practice and controlling hypnosis sessions.

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