How Can I Remove Hair Dye Stains from My Skin?

Hair dye is one of the stronger coloring agents sold over the counter, as most people find out when they get it on their skin or on their clothes. This dye is meant to stand up to washing and direct sunlight so it has to be “stubborn.” So, how can we remove hair dye stains from skin?

The best answer to that question might be, “Remove hair dye stains with patience and great effort.” Prevention is the best course of action, without a doubt. If you use rubber gloves and cover your neck, shoulders and face carefully you should be able to avoid most skin stains.

Some people have had success putting a little bit of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) around the edges of the hair line. This protects the skin because the dye doesn’t stick to the oil-based jelly. If covering exposed skin and using petroleum jelly don’t stop all the stains, there are some self-help/home remedies you can try to get hair dye stains off of your skin.

Some folks use nail polish remover but this is strong stuff so it should only be used on spots and very small areas of stain. Use a cotton ball or cotton swab and dab at the stained area. You may have to rub gently to get the stain out. Some people have removed hair dye stains with toothpaste, but this method might work best on lighter-colored stains. Toothpaste with some “grit” might work best.

When it comes to using household items for hair dye stain removal, the next item we’ll mention isn’t really recommended. That’s not because it fails to remove stain but because you have to light a cigarette first. Many stain-removal guides show that cigarette ashes mixed with a small amount of water will remove most stains. Use a cotton ball and rub gently.

Among the home remedies suggested for removing stubborn hair dye stains from skin are: dishwashing soap; baking soda; hydrogen peroxide; and rubbing alcohol. These common household items will work for most people but there are some among us who have sensitive skin. Harsh chemicals and rubbing may cause irritation and may even damage the skin. These people should probably talk with a professional at hair salon or beauty shop about a commercial dye removal product.

In the last few years, hair dye manufacturers have come up with some dye products that are much easier to remove than hair dyes from the past. Now it is possible to remove some hair dye stains from skin using regular hand or face soap. Use a soft cloth, warm water and some soap. Cover the area well with soap lather, rub with the cloth and rinse. It may be necessary to repeat the process two or three times to get all the stain out of the skin. But this method should work with many of the newer hair dye products.

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